Bull Riding Wrecks of 2010

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Professional Bull Riders, Inc (PBR) asked their fans to chose the best bull riding wrecks back in 2010 and this video is the creation of that request. It has some serious action in it.

The video shows the top 10 wrecks and 6 of the ten riders are wearing bull riding helmets. The other four look like they are wearing standard cowboy hats. Those guys have some serious balls to not be wearing helmets.

Looking through these different rides, you can see the obvious safety advantage of wearing a helmet. One guy, even though he is wearing a bull riding helmet, gets completely knocked out cold. He head comes into contact with the head of the bull, not once, but twice in the same ride, which ends with him getting tossed and landing in a slumped heap on the ground.

Another guy gets his bull riding helmet knocked clear off his head and then he gets tossed. Without helmets on, these guys would have suffered major head injuries, as just like concrete, a bulls head is going to win that fight any day.

One of the riders, who isn’t wearing a helmet, gets tossed, and the bull falls down next to him. As the bull is getting back up, its hoof grazes the face and skull of the rider. Another couple of inches closer and the bull could have stepped right on his head and crushed it. A bull riding helmet would have taken that threat away.

Of course, these are some pretty tough men. You have to give them credit for that. I understand that wearing a bull riding helmet may not be the tough man thing to do, but the reality is that in this sport, death is close by. Toughness, and luck for that matter, only goes so far. “Live to Ride Another Day” would be my motto, if I was a bull rider.

Don’t let a fluke accident, misstep, or a headbutt from a bull be the event that ends your bull riding career. Protect that head of yours and get used to wearing a bull riding helmet. You wear the protective vest, why not take the next step and wear a helmet.

Ride on!