Extreme Kayaking Video

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This stuff is completely nuts. I know they have come a long way with what people can do in a kayak, but some of this is just plain insane….but very cool at the same time.

Thanks to GoPro cameras, footage like that found in this video gives the viewer an intense experience. Love the soundtrack that was coupled with these shots. The cinematography is also quite amazing and some pretty cool slo-mo footage adds to the intensity.

The video is packed with large waterfall drops, riding big waves on fast moving river water, and maneuvers down tight corridors.  If you watch closely you can see the kayakers ditch their paddles at times when they drop off a waterfall. You can also see them do a little tuck near the bottom as they brace for impact with the pool below.

They perform flips and other aerial maneuvers in the big water of raging rivers. This takes a great amount of skill, concentration, and endurance.

Of course, this type of kayaking should not be done without a helmet. You need something to attach your GoPro to and without it you can’t get the amazing footage. That is what is important.

Seriously, though, protection is what it is about. You can see in the first part of the video, the guy in the kayak pops out of the waterfall upside down in his kayak. The kayak is pushed against a rock as he tries to right himself, only to get turned over again and he grasps at the slipper rock surface with his hand. He gets up-righted eventually, but I would bet the helmet he was wearing took a couple of hits.

The are plenty of rocks in those rivers and only a well built helmet, one designed to get wet, is going to protect you from a serious head injury. Besides, trying to avoid hitting your head is the last thing you want to be thinking about when you are trying to maneuver down a water or a narrow canyon. You have to focus on the task at hand.

Get yourself a water sport helmet. They are well worth the investment.

Enjoy the water!