Getting Past the Myths About Bull Riding Helmets


One of the most surprising things about the bull riding profession is the fact that there are a lot of members in the bull riding community that refuse to wear bull riding helmets. You can show these individuals pictures of people that have had their heads split open like melons, yet they choose to not change their position on what they believe. The truth is helmets save lives, and anyone will tell you that if you are going to ride bulls you need to be prepared for the consequences.

Why Do Bull Riding Helmets Have A Bad Reputation?

There are a lot of reasons why cowboys tend to kick their heels up at the thought of wearing a helmet while they are riding bulls. The headgear is not attractive, it’s not traditional, and it’s not what the professionals wear. There are so many reasons that guys give for not wearing helmets, chances are you have heard them all.

Bull riding helmets have a bad reputation, because of what people in the past believe about safety. In the past, people used to ride bulls and do all sorts of country living things, without having to worry about protecting themselves. Years later, and many accidents later a lot of these people have changed their ways when it comes to safety and their own children. But, there are those select few that believe that the way that they were raised was correct, and they refuse to alter anything that they did in the past to suit their children of the present needs.

Science Has Proven Bull Riding Helmets Are Effective

For some odd reason, there are people that still turn against scientific evidence. Even though science may have determined that a certain way of performing a task is hazardous, some guys like to walk on the wild side. This is possibly one of the main reasons why after all of the scientific evidence was brought to the table about wearing a helmet during bull riding, people still try to rebel.

Perhaps, you may believe that you need to be pretend to be something that you are not in order to succeed. Or maybe you believe that your invincibility will stop anything bad from happening to you. Regardless of why you may assume that bull riding helmets have no place in a riding rink; your assumptions are entirely wrong and foolish.

Bull Riding Is A Tough Sport

There are not a lot of men that would agree to step inside of a small ring with an aggressive bull, and attempt to ride them. But, for the select few that do engage in this sport, they all equally agree that it is difficult. Once a bull has bucked you off there is no telling where you’re going to land, or how you’re going to land. A lot of riders leave everything to chance.

During landings your control is minimal. Most people cannot control where they land, depending upon the strength of the bull. After you have been bucked off a bull, you still need to worry about getting away from the beast. There is no telling how furious you made the bull by choosing to ride on its back. The bull can become aggressive, and but its hooves in places that they should not go.

Anyone that has been riding for a long time will admit that they have witnessed some pretty gruesome injuries. Even if you didn’t see someone suffer from a brain trauma, you may have seen some broken arms, legs, and bruises. Being prepared for what could happen does not make you any less of a professional than the professional riders. Bull riding helmets are used to save the lives of people that try to combat these aggressive creatures.