Red Bull Hardline Tract 2015

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This is a crazy tract and is a testament to the demands and limits that Red Bull is pushing for downhill mountain bikers. In this video, Gee Atherton, former World Champion and brother to Dan Atherton, performs a test run of the 2015 Hardline tract.

The tract is full of technical natural features, including tight sections through groves of trees, dynamic rock gardens, and big slab sections. There are a fair amount of jumps and gaps to overcome as well. At one point, Gee makes the decision to bypass one jump.

There is also the famous road gap where you actually see Gee fly over a car on the road. This is a crazy video of the run. Throughout the recording, you hear Gee’s amazement of the tract through his expressions and exclamations. The nearly four minute ride wears Gee out and when he comes to the end, his heavy breathing is proof enough that this type of riding takes a lot out of you.

Enjoy the ride!

Extreme mountain biking like this is serious business. Only through intense training and years of experience is one able to take on the challenge of a tract like this, especially at the speed that Gee does it in this video. The dangers may not be too obvious, but you see evidence of it throughout the video with the bright red padding on dangerous curves and other sections where serious hazards exist.

Wearing the proper protection is necessary for your safety. This includes wearing the proper body and head protection. In terms of head protection, a common bicycle helmet that you would wear around town is not sufficient. The helmets worn by downhill riders are much more protective, more like a helmet you would wear doing motocross with full wrap around face protection and additional padding.

If you are doing downhill mountain biking, even the type that is not as extreme as this, wearing the proper head protection is a wise choice. Get yourself a good helmet. It could safe your life.

Let’s Ride!!!