Bull Riding Equipment


getting tossedOne of the first things that people notice when staring at a professional bull rider is their courage and determination to battle a beast that could take their lives at any moment. Most people would never consider strapping themselves onto the back of a bull and riding them until they threw them off. It takes a special person to be a bull rider.

One thing that most people don’t notice when watching a professional ride atop a bull is the equipment that they are wearing. Bull riding equipment includes a lot of different items. Each of the items are designed to withstand the intensity of the sport, while keeping the rider as safe as possible.


There are some bull riders that will choose to wear some protective headgear when they are battling to stay atop of the massive beast. The equipment is not as attractive as wearing a traditional cowboy hat, but it will do a better job of saving the riders life if it is worn. The sad thing is most riders are concerned about looking good while riding bulls that they choose to not wear any protective headgear.


Every bull rider will include gloves into their bag of bull riding equipment. The gloves are generally thick leather gloves that are primarily worn on the dominant hand that is used to control the bull. The gloves are designed to give riders a better clutch when they are holding onto the bull rope atop of the animal. The gloves are specially designed to protect the rider’s fingers and hands from any serious injuries.

Bull Rope

You will never see a rider attempt to ride atop of a bull without a piece of bull rope to hold them up. This rope is a small piece of material with a leather handle. Riders will hold onto this rope as they bounce up and down the backside of the bull. A lot of riders believe that the bull rope helps them maintain their sense of stability when atop of a bucking bull.


The boots are worn to protect a riders toes. This type of footwear is also worn to help a rider hold the spurs of the bull in place. The funny thing is even if boots did not serve a practical purpose for riding, there is a chance that they would be worn anyway. What’s a cowboy without his boots?


riding bullWhenever you picture a bull rider or a cowboy, you always think of them in a tight pair of chaps, riding atop of a massive animal. The funny thing about chaps is they do not serve a purpose for bull riding at all. Chaps are one of the only types of bull riding equipment that do not have any reason for being worn. Chaps do have a protective feature about them. They can be used to repel a bulls charging horns, if this type of situation ever arose.

These are just a few pieces of bull riding equipment that you are going to need if you decide to tackle this sport. Of course, there are a lot of other specialty items that you will need, based upon the type of circuit that you are attempting to enter into. One thing that you should never ignore when it comes to bull riding is your safety.

Bull riding is an aggressive sport. However, with the right type of bull riding equipment and the right type of attitude, it is possible to become the next professional bull riding superstar. Remember, as with anything that you do, you are going to have to practice in order to perfect your craft. During your practice runs, it is vital that you use the right equipment and right types of tools to get you to where you want to go.